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3D surveys - scanning the surface

We offer high accuracy services of 3D SCANNING and 3D MODELING for applications of mechanics, industry & plants, environment and cultural heritage for:

  • reverse engineering

  • rapid prototyping

  • 3D printing

  • quality check


The three-dimensional geometric survey consists in the digitization of the surface of objects or portions of the territory through scanning equipment or special photographic techniques.

The 3D survey offers great opportunities for the understanding and documentation of the condition of things, database storage, 3D virtual reconstruction and the creation of digital paths, the study of geometric anomalies.

We offer services of surveying and 3D modeling in the fields:

  • architectural and infrastructural
  • territorial
  • mechanical
  • artistic and sculptural
  • archaeological and museum

We have the laser scanner ScanStation C10 by Leica Geosystems for architectural and territorial surveys and the RANGE7 by Konica Minolta for the digitalization of small objects with high resolution (0.1 mm). We also have the full-frame SLR camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II with calibrated lenses for photogrammetric surveys and the Nikon D5000 with 18-105 mm lens.




Tags: rilevamento geometrico tridimensionale, scansione 3D, modellazione 3D