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Protection and land management - environmental monitoring

Almost 70% of Italian municipalities are classified as high hydro-geological risk (landslides and floods, in general). The creation of the mission structure of the government led by Erasmo D'Angelis, called ItaliaSicura, against the hydrogeological should try to reverse the trend of recent years and put aspects of maintenance and prevention priority over those of repairing the damage occurred.

The environmental monitoring

The environmental monitoring plays certainly an important role for both the prevention of potentially catastrophic events and for the identification of effective policies to mitigate the risk.

Our team conducted for many years researches and experimentations in this field, taking part in the monitoring of unstable slopes and activities in contexts of river systems using integrated geomatics sensors (GPS, total station, weather sensors) analyzed in synergy with geotechnical instrumentation. The experience is expressed in the following capacity:

  • design of systems for surveying and monitoring in real-time, reliable and effective, for a knowledge of the area with a preventing purpose
  • creation of Geographic Information Systems - GIS, for the efficient management of emergency situations
  • integrated processing and analysis of geospatial data to support the interpretation of the phenomena.

In this regard, we have a total station TCR1201+ by Leica Geosystems and two dual-frequency GPS receivers by Ashtech Z-Xtreme.


The environmental management

Particular attention is paid to the mining and landfill field in support of institutions and private structures in order to calculate the volumes in quarries and landfills. These activities become faster and faster with the use of laser scanner or multi station, with the help of related software, to have an objective and accurate accounting.


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