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Birthplace of the famous poet Ludovico Ariosto virtually lives again in 3D

On a sunny day in March 2015, with the collaboration of the Civic Museums of Reggio Emilia and Reggio Emilia Innovation, we have been in Reggio Emilia at the birthplace of Ludovico Ariosto with the aim to reconstruct in 3D and make virtually relive the oldest environments that inspired the famous poet. We experienced two different laser scanners: the first is based on phase difference technology, model 5010C imager Z + F, while the second is based on time of flight principle, model C10 by Leica Geosystems. Our aim was to assess the quality of the integrated camera acquisition, in particular by testing the performance with respect to lights and shadows changing conditions. The high resolution of the images, in fact, is not the only constraint when we want to reconstruct environments with the purpose of promotion and dissemination of cultural heritage.

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AgroTech for farmers

We have especially created an R&D division to turn an idea into innovative services to implement a smart agriculture!

The passion for agriculture, inherent in our families and territories of origin, combined with the passion for technology, gained through years of applied research at the university, result in an innovative idea who wants to help small farmers to feed the world! To United Nations estimates, in fact, that "70% of the food we consume globally is produced by small farmers" (Prof. Hilal Elver, 2014). Aware of the increasing need for food given to population and the simultaneous lack of resources, we aim to use our knowledge to support and drive a sustainable development in agriculture!

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Quantification of damage on sculptural elements

We are presenting in preview the preliminary results of a double-survey at high resolution done on a sculptural element of the Civic Tower of Modena in order to determine the damage suffered by the sculpture following the earthquake of May 2012. Although the structure of the tower has not been damaged or injury, the checks carried out following the earthquake swarm showed the split of one of the sculptures of the first string-course on the west side.

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Live Reggio in 3D

We took a number of photographs both with smartphones and SLR camera with calibrated lenses in order to generate three-dimensional models of some monuments of Reggio Emilia from digital photos and to assess the quality and reliability of the products obtained with smartphone.

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The laser scanner documents the testimonies of past worlds - Museum of Cultures, Milano

GEIS participated with great enthusiasm to the laser scanning surveys at high resolution that allowed us to reconstruct 3D works of inestimable value, evidence of past worlds and cultures far and fascinating. Using the Range 7 by Konica Minolta and Nikon CMAx2.5 articulated arm with laser sensor MMCX 80, we scanned many pieces in the collection including some finely decorated bottles from Peru and a rhinoceros horn cup finely carved from China.

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